Meet Ella, The Cat Who Loves Watching Movies With Her Humans

During the pandemic which would be prolonged for some more months, people now are used to staying home and enjoying the company on the daily basis. Especially, pets are the creatures who have long for closeness with their owners most. Not just only human relationships are getting stronger but also pet-human ones have the same engagement. Now, we are gradually alternating from having movie dates at the cinema to chilling at home with our beloved ones and binge-watching Netflix. There is one cat who has such a broad knowledge of judging which movie deserves to have Cannes awards.

Ella was adopted by Emily, who had been growing up with dogs when she was little. Emily and her husband had a gap when it comes to pet preferences. Emily is more like a dog person while her husband is madly in love with cats. He wants to adopt every single cat whenever he sees in the shelter. But Emily doesn’t feel the same and she said she felt guilty when she confronted her husband that she didn’t have any connection with cats. One day, during the Christmas season, they both went to the shelter to find one cat who could win over Emily’s heart. Looking through all the cute kitties, only one 11-year-old lady came up to Emily and licked her. Immediately, Emily was adopted!

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