This Adorable Tiny Kitten Turns Guy Into A Cat Person, Proves That Humans And Cats Are A Match Made In Heaven

Julia Joaquin is a woman who loves animals, especially squirrels. When she adopted a gentle female dog named Lily, the journey became very meaningful. Whenever Julia brought a poor kitty or squirrel home, the mother instinct of Lily kicked in and she fostered every single creature that Julia provided. It was not until 2020, Lily had to say goodbye to the family and cross over the rainbow bridge, leaving Julia the inspiration to foster more animals.

“My dog, Lily, was the best foster mom dog. When Lily passed away, neither one of us could imagine taking a new animal into our house.” – Julia shared.

One year later, the couple spotted a tiny stray kitty constantly hopping around the wooded area in March 2021 when they were enjoying walking. He was a tabby little fluffy ball who was desperately in need of nutrition as well as water, and what the couple Mark and Julia could possibly compare him to, was a phone.

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